GoodNotes5 Basics


I use GoodNotes for when I’m on the go or traveling and want to journal. It’s perfect since I don’t have to bring along all of my journaling supplies. Everything is all on my iPad to save space and easy to travel with. Once you’ve gotten the hang of GoodNotes, digital journaling and planning is easy to do. I created a video to go over the basics of GoodNotes5 and how you can use digital stickers within the app.

You do have to purchase GoodNotes in order to use it but it’s very affordable and a one time fee. You can create your own notebooks and journals within GoodNotes or you can purchase a digital planner, notebook, or journal on Etsy. I do offer digital journals and notebooks at my shop along with digital stickers as well. 

If digital journaling is something you would like to get into, watch the video below. I do plan to bring more digital journaling and planning to my blog and shop. I want to share with you all how easy it can be to journal on the go.