Mom Set Free Bible Study Review


I know it’s been a while since I posted to the blog and also since I did a bible study review. I’m slowly trying to complete all the bible studies that I haven’t completed along with mini bible studies for my oldest son. We are slowly getting there and I promise I will post more here on the blog. Anyways, let’s get the the review.

Mom Set Free by Jennie Cunnion is a bible study to help you parent with God and Jesus freely. It is one of the studies that I’ve never completed when I first got it, but I decided to redo it. It did take me a while to finish up this bible study only because 1. it was summer and 2. I lost interest in the study. 

What I mean when I say I lost interest is, it didn’t keep my pulled in. It wasn’t a study about the bible stories itself but more of a self bible study. It’s a study to help you apply what is said in the bible to your own life. Which yes, this can be done, but there wasn’t much content or why these verses mentioned in the study should be used. 

Now mind you, this study is towards moms but it can be used for any parent. A lot that she mentioned to do in the study, I was already doing them. So there was really no point in me completing this study and one of the reasons why it took me a long time to complete it. Also, there was a lot of repeating of things which also made me not want to complete this study. Needless to say, I’ve completed it and here I am with this review. 

The good thing about this study is, it’s very short and can be done quickly. It would also make a good bible study for new moms or moms who would like to start parenting with more of a Jesus focus. All in all, I would give this bible study a 3 out of 5 rating. It did start off good but then again, there was a lot of repeat of things which made it drop for me.