Discovering Joy in Philippians Bible Study Review

Today I’m gong to review the bible study ‘Discovering Joy in Philippians’. You can find this bible study on Amazon. First and foremost, I’m not sponsored or affiliated with these authors or Amazon. I just want to give you my option about this bible study that way you can know about it and decide if you want to do this study or not. Now to the review.

This bible study gets 5 stars from me but keep in mind, this is a big book. It’s not a good travel sized book but is great at home. This bible study is filled with lots of information about Paul and his time with the Philippians. It also goes into detail about Paul’s time in prison along with braking down each chapter in Philippians. 

This bible study is great for anyone who is creative or who loves to color. Throughout this bible study, there are doodles you can color and big coloring pages of bible verses you can color also. That was my first mistake when I did this bible study the first time. All I wanted to do was color the pages and not really do the study. But for this second time, I did the study first and then went back to color the pages. 

Below is pictures of all my notes I added to my bible from ‘Discovering Joy in Philippians’ bible study. I also have a notebook filled with more detailed notes from this study. I didn’t take pictures of that but I do show a little bit of my notebook in the video below which includes my review also.